Next Sunday, November 15, you may either attend morning worship and bring your pledge card forward during the worship service or you may “drive-by” the church using the south parking lot off of West Bough and leave the card with someone under the covered entrance between 9:30-11:30 am. Regardless of the choice you make, we will share a breakfast taco with everyone as a small token of appreciation for joining us in moving Forward Together in Faith on “Taco and a Pledge Sunday”.

Of course, pledge cards can also be mailed to the church at any time. Thank you to those of you
who have already done so!

This week’s video  features Kari and John Work, as well as Thomas Babineck, discussing mission/outreach work they have done and what it has meant to them. This video is an example of what it takes to conduct an effective ministry. Obviously, it requires people willing to donate their financial resources. The food which is in the new Pines Mission Room and the food which has been shared with our mission partners became available through financial donations. However, the outreach only happens when people like Kari, John and Thomas are willing to share their time and talents in ministry. They would love to have you join them and will find ways to utilize your time and talents. All are welcome to do so!


So, in the final days before our Taco & a Pledge Sunday, we hope you will give thanks for all of the ministries
at Pines. We have much to be grateful for because our videos have highlighted only a few of Pines’ ministries. In response to the gratitude we hope you feel, we ask you to pray about your financial pledge to Pines, AND how to best utilize your time and talents to support Pines’ ministries as we continue to move
FORWARD TOGETHER IN FAITH. Regardless of the decision you make, we sincerely hope that it brings joy into your heart now and throughout the coming year.


Melissa Gravett and Phil Wetz


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