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Pines is a joyful Christian community that WELCOMES ALL.

Our Mission is to make disciples who know, love, and trust in Jesus Christ.
We live into our Mission by:


Is our desire to look up to our heavenly God and grow in our ability to glorify God and enjoy God forever. As a community and individually, practicing the presence of God in all of life. Worshiping, listening, praying and seeking to center our lives and community. 

Focuses on advancing our faith journeys in such a way that we are equipped to be sent out to do God's work, We do this as a community and individually, deepening our relationships with God, one another, and ourselves as we seek to learn, study, and grow in the grace, love, joy and peace of Christ. Living intentionally as a community of faith, we weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice; are committed to welcoming all, creating a safe place for the broken, loving and nurturing children and youth, and practicing hospitality. 

Emphasizes our call to go out into the world to tell the Good News in the word and deed. As a community and individually, we hear God's call to love our neighbors by engaging with our community, taking the risk to be present to those outside the church walls, and discerning the places that God is as work and joining in with the Kingdom work that God is doing all around us. 


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