Children’s Ministry at Pines

You will experience dedicated and loving Christian adults who volunteer their time, energy and talent every week to teach children about God’s great love. Our volunteers have been screened and trained.

Our Mission

Pines Kids exists…

To make God’s great love for His children known to the youngest members of our community.


To come alongside and assist parents in the privilege of loving, caring for, teaching and training our children
to come to know and follow Jesus.

To encourage the entire congregation to be involved in the life of our children in numerous ways including prayer,
baptism, volunteering and developing genuine relationships.


To help our children flourish in their discipleship by engaging in the life of their church and in weekly worship service.


To prepare and equip our children to love and serve the world around them.

On-Going Activities
Join Pastor Cindy online each week.

Bible Heroes Series

Pastor Cindy had joined up with her colleague Pastor Emily, creating a series of short videos spotlighting our Bible Heroes. See the latest video just added:

Facebook Live

Pastor Cindy goes live every Wednesday on the Pines Presbyterian Church Facebook page for Fun Family Fellowship! All ages are encouraged to participate in the singing, dancing, story and fun! 

Cindy_Children's moment.JPG

Children's Moment Online

This special time occurs every Sunday during the 10:45 a.m. worship service and includes a short Children’s Sermon based on Bible scripture from the church worship service, that's broken down into simple lessons or highlights important events and days in the Christian calendar. Archived Children's Moments can be viewed on our
> Pines YouTube Collection.

Story Time

Hop on over to YouTube for a story read by Pastor Cindy each week. Stick around after the reading for a few questions for you to ponder as a family. New videos are posted weekly!

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Children are encouraged to participate in the life of the church even while we maintain physical distancing for safety purposes. Engage your children in worship and other faithful family activities from home! 

   Children are never too young to worship!

  • Even when worshipping at home, have your children worship with you.

  • Make a bathroom, water stop before the service begins.

  • Choose a worship space. Return to the space each week when you worship.

  • Put away electronic devices (you too, parents!) and gather worship materials (coloring pages, markers, etc.) before settling into your worship space.

  • Encourage children to participate in the singing – you can whisper the words in their ear. It’s okay for them to dance their heart out!

  • Help your children follow along with the Scripture reading by pointing at words in their own Bible.

  • Ask your children who they would like to pray for during worship and throughout the week.

  • It’s okay to enjoy a snack during the service. Make sure children have a chance to participate in communion with a beverage and snack of their choice.

  • Expect them to be children! They will wiggle, giggle and get restless. That’s okay! It’s all about seeing you connecting with God and connecting with them.

  • Encourage young children to draw what they hear during the service. See what they come up with! Or use playdough to create what they experienced!

  • Have an activity for them during the sermon – coloring pages and word searches tend to be hits. They can learn to expect it every week! They can even make a game of it – have the child guess what words (pictures for young children) might be in the sermon and have your child tally the words as they hear them.

  • Discuss worship as a family during your week. Perhaps you all go around at dinner on Sunday to list what they found interesting during the service.

  • Keep in mind, they might not stay engaged the entire service, but by modeling the behavior yourself, you will soon find they are able to participate longer!

  • “Children learn to worship by worshiping.” – Rev. Sarah Allen, D.Min.

    Children are never too young to serve!

  • Consider bringing the kids when you donate groceries or volunteer.

  • Record their latest musical masterpiece and share it with a nursing home or senior living location.

  • Take them shopping when you purchase items for donation.

  • Encourage children to donate their old toys to children less fortunate.

  • When you hear of a need in the community, ask for your child’s opinion. They love to be involved and you might be surprised by their bright ideas!

  • Ask your children how they would like to serve.

  • Experience quiet by visiting the labyrinth with your young ones.

  • Give your children responsibilities at home to build their confidence in developmentally-appropriate tasks & important skills for their future.

  • Pray before bed. Incorporate praying as bedtime routine. Ask your child who they would like to pray for.

  • Pray before meals. Ask your children to lead by blessing the food before eating.

  • At any point during the day, ask your child, “Where have you seen God today?” Their answers will foster their connection between God’s presence and ordinary moments.

Sunday Schedule
Seasonal & Annual Activities
will all return at a later date when announced:

For the safety of our Pines family and our Houston community, in-person gatherings are suspended until further notice. Worship with us Sunday mornings online at 10:45 AM.

Third Grade Bibles – Every fall, the 3rd grade children receive a New Living Translation Bible written especially for kids, presented during a special worship service dedication. The children’s Prayer Pals are invited to be part of the day and offer a chosen scripture verse that is meaningful to both giver and recipient.


Family Advent Night – This is always a warm and wonderful, intergenerational event! The children and youth practice an Advent Play on Sundays for several weeks leading up to Thanksgiving week. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, all are invited to have a delicious meal and watch a meaningful and fun play unfold to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the beginning of the Advent Season. We finish the evening with an outdoor Christmas Tree lighting while singing carols and eating cookies.


Christmas Gift Workshop – In December, children ages 4 through 5th grade are invited to participate in this annual Pines tradition that families love! Adult volunteers guide and assist children in making homemade gifts for their parents and grandparents at a variety of stations. All supplies are provided and the children always leave feeling excited about having something to give to their loved ones on Christmas Day.


Go Texan Day – In March, we have one Sunday where everyone is invited to come to church in their Texan finest! After the 10:45 service, our whole community is invited to a tasty lunch. Pony rides, a petting zoo, and a bounce house are available for our children to enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt – On Easter Sunday, children bring an empty Easter basket to church and participate in an egg hunt between worship services on our two beautiful and spacious playgrounds. With simple rules that encourage the active use of Christian values such as helping others and doing what is right, the children enjoy fun and fellowship with one another. The eggs are filled with candy and Easter-themed treats!


Vacation Bible School – Every summer, usually in June, Pines is transformed into a vibrant and joy-filled environment to match the theme of that year’s chosen Vacation Bible School program. Running for one week, children are taught a Bible point each day and learn about God and Jesus in a warm and loving environment from the many amazing youth and adult volunteers who give of their time to serve our children. Registration takes place a few months before the event and all children ages 4 (and potty-trained) through the end of 5th grade are invited to participate.


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