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The Columbarium

Did you know Pines has a Columbarium and Memorial Garden?


The ministry of Pines is to touch its’ members in all areas of life and death.  The Columbarium was built so church members could have an eternal resting place on the premises of the church and retain a connection with the fellowship even in death.  Church members and immediate family (including parents of each spouse) can have the columbarium as their final resting place.


The columbarium niches can hold the remains of two individuals.  Pricing is $3,000 for ½ a niche and $5,000 for the entire niche.  This amount can be paid in 4 quarterly installments (without interest) over a 12-month period*.   If needed the family can purchase an ash box for $65.


The memorial garden is a very peaceful place for visitors to spend time with their loved ones while listening to the trickling water from the fountain.


If you would like more information, please contact - Connie Sipp 


If niche is not paid off over the 12-month period, reimbursement can be requested for the amount paid to date. 
Reimbursement must be requested in writing.

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