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Touching Lives with Prayer (and Tacos)

It’s a TAAP (Taco & A Prayer) Wrap! The school year has ended on a high note for the TAAP team. If you ever wondered about how this eight-year-old ministry impacts the community, consider these stories…


  • A teacher from Bendwood School approached us with thanks for how we prayed for her son through the years. She came out of the school to tell Andy that her son, who was struggling in school, is now at UT and loves learning. She credits our prayer warriors in part for his success and for giving her the strength to navigate those challenging years of parenting.

  • A gentleman drove through last month and asked if he could donate for the tacos. Of course, we said it wasn’t necessary, but he handed a folded bill to us, with his thanks. When Phil unfolded it and looked at it, he saw it was a large amount.

  • This month, another gentleman handed us a check, along with his gratitude for the taco and the continuing prayers. The check amount was more than we spend on TAAP in a year! It will offset some new materials we need, as well as the new banner.


So, Pines friends, your Taco & A Prayer ministry touches people in our community in ways only God knows. We receive prayer requests for a wide range of issues from health concerns to parental stress to world peace. While we seldom know the impact of our prayers, it is heartwarming to have that appreciation validated. God is indeed gracious!


We will take a summer hiatus and will resume with the new school year in September. Come join us as we continue to spread the love of Christ to our neighbors. Contact the church office or Margaret Schafer with questions.

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