Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


You may recall the ever-growing Memorial Ornament Display that was located on a number of Christmas trees set up in the Narthex each year during Advent.  The trees were covered in crystal ornaments etched with the name and year of death of Pines members who have gone before us.  The collection has reached 274 ornaments and includes members all the way back to the chartering of this church – nearly 60 years. 


It is our desire to put these ornaments into the hands of those families, so that these memorials can continue to bless their loved ones.


The ornaments have been organized and sorted by alphabet and they are located in the café by the receptionist area near the front office.  Please feel free to stop by and pick up any ornaments connected to your family. 


Please let us know if you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions as we begin to distribute these treasures back to the friends and families to be forever enjoyed.


In Christ’s everlasting love,


Linda Aldred

Worship Committee Member